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We know how painful it is to be stranded away from your loved ones, your home, and your work. Reach out to us so that our team of experts will work with you to get you home as soon as possible and at the lowest cost.
Travel During Covid Times

Stranded & Want to Get Back Home? We Can Help.

We know how frustrating it is to be stranded far away from your home, your loved ones, or away from your job. 

Liberty Breaks provides you with the best option for connectivity back home. Our services include air-tickets, the best possible routes, COVID-19 safety guidelines, and travel directives of different countries.

We make sure that we do the research for you and find the best options for you.

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Explore The World - Amazing Holiday Packages

Choose Your Holiday Destination

We help you choose the perfect holiday destination from hundreds of beautiful destinations. Want a romantic holiday or an exciting holiday with the family? 

Are you into adventure sports? Do you love mingling with nature or are you a sightseeing junkie? We work with you in choosing the perfect locale. Go ahead and sign up for your perfect dream holiday destination

Romantic Destinations

Looking for the perfect romantic destination for your honeymoon or for adding a spark to your love life. Choose from hundreds of beautiful destinations

Adventure Destinations

Are you one of those who love the rush of adrenaline? Hey, we have so many exciting adventure sports destination

The Best Seaside Destinations

We have some incredible seaside destinations ranging from the very popular to ones which are a real getaway for those who love to be at peace with nature

Family Holidays

We have the perfect hotels, resorts and destinations where the family can have the best holidays

Historical Destinations

We organize spectacular holiday packages where you can soak in the history of the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids or a beautiful European palace

Wild & Beautiful

Love those towering snowcapped peaks or that beautiful, shimmering lake or love camping by the river banks. We have loads of amazing destinations renowned for their natural beauty

Popular Destinations

Whether it's the Big Apple or Marrakesh or bustling Tokyo or any other international destination, we make it happen by giving you the best, most convenient and very affordable packages

Holiday Destinations

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Popular Destinations

Discover the most affordable packages with hotel stay, meals, sightseeing tours, airport transfers, guided tours, vouchers and more.

Liberty Breaks helps you make incredible holidays and memories. Book  with us to any popular tourist destinations
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